About us

Presse Dienst Süd.

Since 1992, Presse Dienst Süd GmbH has been working for numerous television companies and radio stations, as well as for customers from trade and industry. Presse Dienst Süd GmbH places the highest possible value on service and on one-to-one customer care. As we work with state-of-the-art equipment, our flexibility and creativity know virtually no bounds. Our production areas include magazine programmes/feature films/documentaries, national and international TV reports, the development of new television formats, image films, as well as industrial and training films, live recordings, portraits of cities and companies, Internet and business TV.

Presse Dienst Süd GmbH has offices in Germany, Austria and USA and currently has 20 permanent and freelance employees.

Presse Dienst Süd GmbH communicates and produces in German, English, French and Italian.